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Bran Castle

What’s to know about Bran Castle?

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When asking a tourist what is the first place you want to visit in Romania, for sure he is going to answer, “Bran Castle”.  Tourists know about Dracula’s Castle thanks...
dor bottle equa alomoda triptoromania

DOR Bottle by AloMoDa for EQUA partnering Trip to Romania

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We are very proud and happy to announce a partnership we have made with for a beautiful cause: to make some children happy and show once again how proud we are...

Money superstitions in the old traditional Romanian society

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  “Not the progress of science, neither the sophisticated technology, nor the high standards of civilization or a very developed culture can kill the superstitions forever. Because it is beyond...
andreea raducan

The other side of the Medal

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“…a long beautiful road filled with sacrifices, hard work, unforgettable moments, tears of joy and many many medals.” Andreea Raducan Talking about Romanian definitely means talking about the most famous...