"Together with friends we went to Bucharest for several days where Raluca aided us as our guide.. Together with helping us get into some of the top Disco spots, Raluca also joined us and was our guide for when we went to Transylvania.... During our trip Raluca gave us both informative and interesting information... She clearly has a passion for her country and is clearly very knowledgable about her countries history. She is very socialble too and would definitely recommend her to anyone requiring a guide when travelling to Romania."

− Michael Wilson, UK

"Thanks so very much for such a great trip to Romania. I do plan to come back to learn about the Delta and the Black Sea area. I know you worked so very hard for all of us to make our trip special. You are very good at what you do."

− Jeannine Austin, Germany

"Thank you for being a very good tour guide."

− Sandi Eaton-Less, Thailand

"We were all very happy with our time in Romania, which was greatly helped by your excellent guiding and care for us all. When I show people my sketch book of the places we visited I tell them about your talks."

− Peter Ball

"I would like to thank you for taking such good care of us while we visited your beautiful country. We all had a wonderful time thanks to you. Thank you again for such a great trip. We all have wonderful memories thanks to you!"

− Kimberley Russel, USA

"I can't tell you enough what a wonderful time I had visiting your country. You were a wonderful tour guide and you knowledge of your history is fascinating."

− William Van Husen, USA

"Gracias por todo, fue un viaje muy bonito y muy amable y divertido. Estamos invitando a los amigos a que os visiten que vale la pena vuestro país."

− Olga Farre, Barcelona